Girl Child

This is to praise the girl child, and bring awareness that they need support to survive, and let humanity survive.

 The following poem is a translation of the poetry by Ms. Indira Shekhar, that was printed in Vihanga (http: // titled : ఎందుకమ్మా?

గర్భం లోనే గావు కేకలు
పుట్టుక మునుపే చావు
నా చిన్నారి జీవితం
అక్కడి తోనే అంతం*

Why, mom?

Yelling in the womb
Dying even before born
My baby life precious
That ends there

My lovely child

My lovely child,
My unborn baby,
My future unseen,
May you live!
May you lead
The lives of many
To survive the times
Not be a pawn
In the game of power
I pray that you may
Be a light to millions
Showing path from
Darkness to light


Uma Pochampalli చెప్పారు...

వ్యాఖ్యను పోస్ట్ చెయ్యండి