My Poetry

What do I write about love

What do I write about love
I don’t know if I can or ever will
Love is a star shining so far away
I look at it and guide my way
as He looks at me with kindness
Sweetness I can feel for a split second
He fills my heart full of emotion
I experience the new wave of passion
I guess love is this sparkling twinkle in his loving eyes
I feel terrified when I get weird thoughts
That I will never be able to measure the infinite
Lengthy distance bearing the earth e’ the star
Except in my feelings surmounting it all
When I turn my head and find a fallen rose
I pick it up to save my healing heart
From falling apart or shattering
Growing the feeling far from lust
I pick the flower from the rusty
Train of leaves lying on the ground
Reminding me of my duties I left
Incomplete and, unfinished dust filled
Like the poem I intend to complete
I keep it in a vase filling the empty space
In every corner of my quietly weeping
Mind, body, soul e’ heart staring
Glaring the darkness around
Stopping my tears from falling down
Running along so as to sowing
 and raising the hopes of joy in their place
to Transfer onto mother earth
cover the spaces, blooming into
a rhapsody Of happiness,
Giving me smiling bouquet of roses
Full of hope, returning the embrace
Holding me in his tight hug
Identifying me with the larks at the sea
Flying freely during sunset or sunrise,
May I sing your sweet name o Lord,  if you please,
Accept my appeals e’ bless us O heavens,
Allow me into your temple, church or Darga
to offer my prayers
God Bless us all with heavenly success
For my beloved countries e’ civilizations
For my beloved,  friends e’ wellwishers
from stars across the universe e’
extra terrestrial space.
Thank you o Lord for
showing me that love thou are.




Lets be one tonight,
With each step that you take
In swinging me in your arms
And swirling in the sky

As I look into
Your smiling face
As it presses my lips
With the gentle
Softness and sweetness
I can feel touching
My soul and
Raving me with
I can only sing
That you love
Me tonight
Hold me close
To your heart
Let me be
With you

As I imagine in
The moonlit sky
The twinkling stars 
And see you in my dreams
Vanishing into the
Night wishing
It to be true...


Life's Tests

My hands are shaking
As I want to write
My eyes are crying as
I want to read
My heart is
Pounding heavily
As I want to hold,
My memory is fading
As I want to remember
The things waiting to be done
Except for one thing
In my life,
My spirit is calling
And my soul is reaching out
To you in such great happiness
And to such great heights
Trust me
Everest ain't no tallest
Compared with your
Challenges and tests


The Girl Child

My lovely child,
My unborn baby,
My future unseen,
May you live!
May you lead
The lives of many
To survive the times
Not be a pawn
In the game of power
I pray that you may
Be a light to millions
Showing path from
Darkness to light


Your Love!

Whenever the seasons change,
When the black birds sing,
When my heart springs with
The sweet songs in a melody

When you cared for nothing
In the wide world
Except to look into
My eyes with pure love

I looked at the blue sky
Reflecting as an ocean
Deeper than the seas
In your gentle stare

When it is the moment
Of your tender care
The roses in the garden
Felt so un-cared and
Dried up in the sun
As there was no softer
Touch than yours

For your love is enthralling
As a sweet song
That comes from a distant
Over the mountains
And hills where
The little birds nest and
The brooks run amidst
The pebbles and rocks
That cover the ferns
And the wild flowers
Swing in a fresh perfume
That fills my heart
And spirit with
As if saying
You will love me


My Heart Seeks You Tonight


Tonight my heart
Seeks you
Tonight I feel like
Holding you
Tonight my mind goes
Swaying in air as if
You are taking me
In your arms, and
Swaying me off my feet
Tonight I feel like
bursting out in tears\
Tonight I want to
Wander into the thin air
Tonight I love to be with you!
Tonight I feel like I am
Young all over again
Tonight my heart desires to
Touch your lips
and be lost in the love


The colors I like

It is blue all along-
she fills her heart e’ soul
Purple was just another
Cross of blue hue with pink
Jasmines, jades and penguins
Almost all shades in between
Black e’ white are traversing
Her mind in rays of the sun
So are the moon and stars
Shine in space sparkling
White, with the proud
Colors o’purple heart
Pink healthy note o
Red, blue e’ white
Sounds  bright?
No it looks great,
Nothing’s more right.
What is this she finds as if air tight?
Oh jeez, this is her delight
To hug him e’ hear him sigh
Giving out a painful cry in shy
she knows he will not stop that night?
I guess she will have to call it a night
Yet it seems so tranquil and pleasant,
Worshiping him e’ pouring her heart,
At a magenta rose like Ajanta deity’s feet.
Stop this please, she says out loud,
as she needs to read and write
It’s ok for a little while, not throughout,
I guess she can not stop with a thought e’
Ahem, I cannot put my pen to write
Although it is impossible to fight
I guess she knows who he is
No wonder he was ecstatic,
O it is him, her sweet love
There seems to
Be no end nor a beginning
With no rhyme or rhythm. 
she has to go to work right now
she finds it hard to concentrate or do anything
as she is  falling so much
Behind she cannot
Watch where she is Treading
her feet are so Heavy that she can hardly
See her toes, without bending
His piercing looks are breaking
her shyness,  and breaking her backbones
O please be gentle, she seems to say,
for someone is bearing her heaving song
and wants to leave her sweetheart to continue at
A later time and date till she completes  her
work pending, yet she cannot help
How she loves his blue eyes shining bright
Lover boy holding her captive,  yet to preserve
the home of her junior to come
With round bright eyes, brown and curly locks
Of hair playing on his temple, touching cheeks,
Eyes and ears, with the softness of silk, looking
Like bronze and copper with dark clouds of nimbus
Touching the stratus joyously floating on waves o
Horizontal parallel curves blooming colors of blue
With a creamy transparent dew, dreaming under the
Stars and sunshine not minding day or night waiting
To arrive in a fine care of a nurse assisting the doctor
Untangling the baby from her uterine home dominating as
The moments pass increasing the rhythmic
Lamar breathing of inhaling, exhaling withholding e’
Relaxing each passing minute with pain throbbing with the wet
Sticky slurge of amniotic fluid gushing out without an
Outburst o’ complain, may I continue later sweetheart
She seems to be saying just then the nurse says mantra
breath in and breath out and stop no further,
as she is going faster, and slower on e’ on
The cries of the baby bring the mama back to senses
Gushing out the clear fluid out of her mammary
Giving the baby energy and vitamins for life
Keeping him off of the infectious germs
What a lovely feeling it is every time
Holding the new baby born, softer
Than finest muslin or French
Chiffon in ranges of rose
To pink sweetly clean
Lovely as a freshly
Bloomy jasmine
O baby mine
The proud Mama’s Smiling
As though her eyes are saying
Love you kissing the papa, it is the new life that's begun. 
oh wait, it is just a dream, she is fantasizing,
may be in a different life it will come to be realizing!



I am that which is a dream to you!
I am that which you can only imagine!
I am that who touched the brightness,
that you hoped you would see one day!
I am your love, your ambition, your spirit
that you cannot hold except see your reflection in me!
I am your mirror! 

UHV Student Poetry

Seeing you
by Umadevi Pochampalli

The first time I saw you,
coming into the corridor,
All I could remember
Was the sparkle in your eyes!
The freshness of being yourself,
The agile way you carry yourself,
it was a sight to behold!
I still see you there,
with your gazing stare,
That can pierce any soul,
to wake up and still be cool!
And then when I saw you again,
You stood for us
With the strength of a mountain!
Carrying the world
On your shoulders,
And never seeming to be tired!
I sometimes saw you in pain,
Although you would never complain,
Sometimes just in concern,
However I know
After all
I do not know you at all.
May be a zillion years may not do,
to understand the way I do
or to perceive what you would.
A decade back: An afternoon in College Station
by Umadevi Pochampalli

As I sat in front of my porch,
I saw one lady gathering flowers.
She had a bunch of roses and lilies,
Along with some daisies and also violets,
she wore a blue flowing gown,
and her high heeled sandals
were quite dark for her pale blue stockings;
She had a scarf darker than the sea,
with flowers painted on it as if they were clouds.
She had a light blue hat,
to give her shade from the bright sunlight;
she bent down to pick the blue bonnets,
and looked at them with her pale blue eyes!
I stood there for sometime,
looking for the yellow school bus,
and wondering why it is taking
forever today.
I went back again and was folding brown bags,
tucking the stale newspapers within,
and was thinking why my child
wearing his green Peter Pan shirt
is not home yet and what caused the delay.
I was looking through the window,
with my dark brown eyes as I stood there
and watched the glare.


I came here to seek you,
To believe that it is true,
That I had never lost you,
To begin with
no matter what
you may say

I do know however,
You had never wanted,
Anything more than a gesture
To show that we respect

How then did this happen
That I am deluding myself
That one more time
I am none other than
And you and me are
Just one?


Love is an Enigma

I am not at all sure
Why I believe you
Or whether you do
Believe or not

Once the days are all gone
And the nights are gloomy
Whatever will
Be left for any one

Who could never
Know what true
Love is
Nor was it ever there
In this world

As I want to see clearly
I can not hold my self
In this spinning wheel
Of passion
And compassion
And sublimation

Spinning into
Unfolded or unseen
Ever before as if
Never before


A Wish From Heart

Each day ends in
turning into an evening,
Each moment counts and runs
to bring in a new moment
each moment folds itself in
delivering a new ray of hope,
although every day passes
through all these phases
it is never more new
than what it is today,
as I see you and recall
how sensitive to feelings you are.
What is it that makes you
Give attention to what I do, I wonder.
I really am so surprised to
Know someone ever had
Time and interest in
Dwelling into what concerns me
So long my friend,
pleasure knowing you
hope to meet you someday,
before I say  Au Dios



Now you are
What you wanted to be

Now I am
Trying to achieve
What I believe
What I long to be

Now it is that

We are ourselves,

We are
Moving on
With our lives


To My Love

I love you so much,
it is hard to hold it,
I love the way you look at us,
You care for us
And you are concerned
 about us-
I sometimes did not do
What you thought I should,
I sometimes thought
It is all just some fun
Although I never imagined
Until I realized that
 by hurting you this bad
I will be hurt and
feel the pain forever
God, forgive me,
Bless our souls


Blunt reality

No matter how much she works,
Nor convinces herself,
She does not ever overcome
The emptiness in her heart.
Once she was innocent,
Had to face a blunt reality,
It's too late now,
Having faced the brutal knife of life,
That she can never regain
What is gone,
What was left
Undone or unborn.

Long road to travel..

With ups and downs and pebbles and sand
Out in the moonlight or in the hot sun
Under the stars or in wilderness
One has to keep on going
Keep on moving, no matter
You have that friend going with you
Or takes a curve across the
Turning and leaves you
Without saying a goodbye,
You know he is out there
Safe and sound inside his home,
Wish him well as you move on with life.

Sparkling eyes

I look at the stars twinkling in the sky,
Remember the sparkle in his eyes
The stars with phosphorescence
Shine through the space and time
Must have been quite long ago
Since they sent that luminescence
It is such a dark and cold night,
But the stars are shining bright,
Winter is clear of haziness
Once in a while I see some flutter
In the trees, the mocking birds
Seem to be disturbed a trifle
May be my night light has
Disturbed the baby birds a little
Out through the window panes
Starry sky surrounding the moon
Blasts a crescent laughter
Resembling his smile I adore
Filling my heart he smiles
Creates waves of blue blossoms
Breath taking and bountiful
Loving his naughtiness in the arc
Blushing in sweet melodious
Songs sung from the misty
Mountains in the rocky West
Resound the Western Alps
Until the Himalayas and east
Sages and saints chant aligned
In the day or night, dawn or dusk
Bring total peace e’ enlightenment.

You made my day!

I gathered some flowers
On my way from school,
Long stalked white and
Full of fragrance
I made a garland of
Those flowers and
Placed it around my
Neck at one time and
Looked in the mirror
The little girl that I was
Looking all so beautiful
Then I placed it over
Braided hair and looked
Up again in the mirror
I liked my face but not
What I was wearing
So I changed into
A long flowing skirt
Flowers embroidered
On it and a matching
Blouse that goes with
That beautiful work
Of art, and felt very
Very happy that
I could be the princess
Of my day and swing
And sway and sing
My mom was working
And looked at me as
She was passing through
The hallway and smiled
I was so happy and
Proud that I was loved!
Little did I realize that?
Up there is another
Creator, watching us all
Grow in our learning
And is equally happy!
His smiles flowering
In the valleys and hills
And brooks and bayous
As we made His day
By realizing!
- Uma Pochampalli Dec 19, 2011


I am posting a translation of the poetry by Ms. Indira Shekhar, that was printed in Vihanga (


గర్భం లోనే గావు కేకలు
పుట్టుక మునుపే చావు
నా చిన్నారి జీవితం
అక్కడి తోనే అంతం*

Why, mom?

Yelling in the womb
Dying even before born
My baby life precious
That ends there

HAIKU Why, mom?

Yelling in the womb
Dying even before born
My precious baby life



నువ్వున్నది నిజం
మనం కలిసిందీ నిజమే
సమయానికి అవతల
ఏదో తెలియని తలం… *
- ఇందిరా శేఖర్


It is true what you said,
It is true that we met before
Beyond time somewhere
In an unknown land


Translation to the song " Dil Aaj Shayar hai.." 

sung by Kishore Kumar

Heart is a poet tonight

Heart is a poet tonight, and
Sadness is a poem
Every thing is a song tonight,
Listening to the songs of others, o you
May you (not) have fate of this kind
Come and look for your sake how I am living
With streaks of tears I have as
I am living from the wounds that you have inflicted

Having taken the dices from
The parliament of passion
I played with my fortune and
Though I won over the world
 Here I finished my game
lost  my bet with you

Oh the way I did love
Was there anything  to compare
Oh love how much we had
Holds no meaning  today

When I am not there
The world will weep for me
Looking for my traces,
Hey love is not a toy
That anybody can take away from anyone
Suffer like what I am doing
Then think about it
I am just a traveler
Will go on today
However, what I have bet and lost,
I am going to win it back for sure


Transliteration of the song "Pyar Maanga Hai Tum Hi Se" sung by Kishore Kumar 

Pyar Maanga Hai Tum Hi Se

All I asked is love,
Do not say no
Come sit with me
Just come closer
Accept my love
Don't send me away
Sweet heart
What a beautiful night it is
Looks as if like a new bride
Let the awoken emotions
Speak for them
Do not restrict me tonight
Let me love you
All I ask you is love
Do not stop me

I saw you before,
I longed for you before,
I found you so precious
Give me your friendship
and do not stop me,
I ask for your love, do not go away

What a beautiful journey is it,
That you are my companion,
Think about those days that went by
And love me
Love me
I am asking love from you alone
Come sit by me and
Bend closer,
Do not stop me tonight,
Do love me
Just love me tonight

Transliteration of the song "Pal Pal Dil ke paas Tum Rahti Ho" sung by Kishore Kumar ji

Each moment I see you
By my side,
Each moment you are so close to my heart,
Life is a sweet thirst for love
You keep saying,
Every moment so close are you to my heart

Each evening brings a sunset veil on your face, dances before eyes
Bringing me the fragrance of the dusk into your stature,
Brings me a sweet welcome song,
And my heart beats to its rhythms
I saw you last night
In my dreams
As if you were asking me to hold you in my arms,
What kind of a dream is it, what a relation is it
Though you are not any where with me
Why do I feel you are mine?
I keep thinking about it although I get scared
I keep wondering as I listen to you in my dream
Why don't you ever understand that I love you so very much,
As much as I am almost mad,
Would my words make sense
to only those who are so madly in love ?
You are each moment in me
As I dream of you day and night

Transliteration of the song "Chalte Chalte, Mere yeh geet yaad rakhna, kabhi alvida na kahna" by Kishore Kumar ji

As you keep travelling,
Remember my song
Don’t ever say good bye
While laughing and crying
You just mumble my song,
Never say good bye to me
No not ever

As we keep loving each other,
Let's get lost in some world,
And sleep in the lap of the winds,
Tired in one another,
You arrange the dreams
For us in the same way
Don't ever say good bye to me,
Keep singing my song
In the midway if we
Happen to part sweet heart,
And you find it difficult to be alone,
I will return to you my love,
Keep singing my song for me,
Never ever say good bye to me,
While weeping or laughing
Or just singing,
Never say good bye my love.