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Sirivennela's Thoughts Shared (Sirivennela Antarangam, June2014, Houston, TX)

A truly pleasant moonlight shower!

On 23rd of June, 2014, Sruti Laya Creations and Vanguri Foundation of America have put together a great creation, of introducing the thoughts that go in the lyricists mind as they create the songs. It was a beautiful thought and production
It is one of its kind. Earlier, many music programs blended with commentary or compering have come about, but none so vividly described what goes in the mind of a lyricist as they write or pen a poem.
I am sharing these thoughts, originally with my boys, so they as well as all of us will be proud, of the rich cultural heritage they have, we all have
Ram Cheruvu garu, Vanguri Chitten Raju garu and Srutilaya Creations from USA have begun a classic work of commenting on the wave of musical revolution to restore a place among the stellar performances for Indian Cinema, music and film songs, based on the literary, music direction, cinematography, and everything that is involved in making such great films of melody.
To appreciate the great effort involved in it, one has to look through the eyes, mind and heart of the above creators. Their soul is a volume of literature, of arts, music, and creativity, and a quest in finding the Creator's thought processes as they study the divine given, by taking steps towards presenting about music in films directed Kashinathuni Vishwanath ji, calling it Vishwanaadamrutham, ambrosia of the pranava naadam or primordial sound, of the world...Aummmmmm.

I was so impressed by Vishwanaadaamrutam program, theme, content, and dedication of artists and volunteers alike, I think it would be wonderful, if it is simultaneously made or dubbed into English and or other languages.

Here are  some of my thoughts, about Sirivennela Seetharama Sastri ji's talk:

Sirivennela gari antarangam... In my words... Thought processes of Sirivennela ji, as expressed, in my words..
"I spoke about my poetry on several occasions,
When The concept of movie songs was not in my mind..never knew people would recognize talented people and award them and appreciate them, that is when I participated in 1980 in Kakinada, as an admin, I wrote a song for Sankarabharanam film.
I was pretty proud by my skills, and did not write a poem, to praise any others, when asked.
That is when, something struck me, that poems in movies were passing through a phase, when they were growing untasteful.
I was visualizing a image that sang Sankarabharam, and the effort of Bhageeratha, how he did penance, to bring water of river ganga, , and visualized the arrival of Ganga, that arrived on to this earth, as an ornament of Shiva, Sankaraabharanam is the ornament of Sankara.
So instead of the Snake, that decorates the neck of Lord Shiva, I focused on the Ganga's arrival, as His ornament..
Vishwanatha Kasinathuni, similar to the Bageeratha's effort has brought out a wave, a river of beauty, in an artform to reach the viewers and pull them towards enjoying the lyrics in this beautiful song.
However, the song Gangavataranam was added in the end of the movie during credits...
Songs from Sirivennela, the movie...and the poet..
Songs, were written and tuned as a song for a song, sung by a villager, who was aware of the pranava nadam, and sings the beautiful lyrics.
Virinchinai, was the first song picturized.
It took at least 15 rejections before the puttumachcha ammayi pata was accepted...after writing in tune with new wave songs.
Teaching and learning methods have changed over ages, once there was a legacy of traditions and teacher who taught.
Now it is totally different.
Each person looks at things in different ways.
It is in Indian culture to consider, parents, visitors and teachers as sakshath parabrahma, as existential forms of Truth or God.

One other thought:                           

Movie song writers are not lesser to any previous writers. As their standards used to be so high, so were the quality of their songs.
However, their style used to adopt music that was play back in movies. To reach the common man audience, simple terms are used as understood by people. Those simple terms can reach the hearts of people, when bound with music...

Pure types of Poetry, music, dances, have all changed their form in film industry.
Although, when required, it was in fact possible to show the perfection in poetry and languages, even in the present times.
For some times, song is changed from words being understood to some sounds, put together.
Let me tell you a story
A boy fell in love
In hindi they say, " I am dead deep in love.. "
Pyar mein mar gaya or gir gaya or doob gaya etc..
Premakosamai valalo padene papam pasivadu, a Telugu song from film Pathala Bhairavi..
It means, poor young guy fell in trap, for loving someone..
Songs used to talk about love, story, and apply to persons, whoever listened to  substance in those songs, back then.
A poet, or any artist, has a lot to repay the society,
Because each step, each word, every tune. Is what the society gave one, they have to repay this back to the society.
All the forms of art are given by the Lord, and they need to reflect, about the society, people, and their family, as Universe. It has to be kept in mind in whatever form of writing or art they take up.
Writers like Veturi and Atreya, all have written in the earlier times, touching the hearts of people and not only fitting the story or parts played by the actors.
Veturi garu, brought a revolution in presenting the culture and making the song an eternal epic as it applies to every person.
During any period or epoch, there have been and will always be lovers, and there is no substance or has been any substance in those talks ever. It is always, and has and will always been/ be 'Sweet Nothings' !
Other emotions like Anger, Love, Revolution also play a major role in creating song lyrics.

All these emotions and social scenarios have always been topic of songs.
Vankaya kura, i.e., egg plant curry, can consist of so many ingredients, each ingredient can bring change to the flavor of the dish, in contrast, Telugu songs have always influenced the entire society, they are not like mustard seeds in dishes cooked, people have always offered their interest in listening to my songs, it is evident, by seeing all of you in US, who are here, while I was invited to speak with you. I have come to USA, crossing the seven seas to reach so many of you.
My internal feelings of writing sorngs, is only to teach your hearts and that they decorate your lives, and enrich them as they reach you, and adorn your lives with gems of songs.
Some songs written by Sirivennela garu,
Muvvala navvak(u) ala
Dont smile so heartily oh mandara puvva

Tarali rada tane vasantam

Some other thoughts, playback singer, song director, Parthu garu also shared some songs that  he song
1. Vidhata talapuna prabhavinchinadi

In the thoughts of creator,
enlightened the ancient
Primordial sound Aum

As lord brahma,
I wrote this song
As a bird, I am singing
this tune for you

In the veena of eastern,
through the lines of the suns rays,
in the arena of the blue skies,
I sing this song to enlighten
the lives of everyone,

Each child, that is born,
singing the life song,
I inhale poetry,
I exhale lyrics of poems

This song has not only exalted the position of movie songs to stars, with a combination of  fine literature, music and action and production, but also gave the writer, a name that he earned: Sirivennela.

Other melodious songs by Sirivennela garu include, melodies such as

2. Adibhikshu vani nemi koredi

3. Ye zindagi nadavalante haste haste
A song that was written using words from multiple languages, with such ease, that a common man out on the street can easily catch the tunes and sing along or keep singing the whole day as they work.

One other important thing that goes with the train of thoughts of the poet is, they never write any song, that can increase negativity or pathos or melancholy.. Their songs are full of energy, and create positivity, and release an avenue of positivity and creativity.

These were some thoughts, I wrote down as I listened, along with my son, Sriram who attended almost half way through, till break time. I tried to present it in a language they can read and follow.
Au révoir!


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